VIGISAT is operated by CLS as a station for direct reception and analysis of satellite images. Thanks to satellite radar imagery and CLS expertise, VIGISAT offers the best ocean monitoring and observation services to the authorities responsible for state operations at sea, as well as to the military, offshore industries, researchers, environmental associations, etc.

Day and night and in all weathers, VIGISAT acquires, processes, analyses and distributes near real time high-resolution radar images from the Canadia RADARSAT-2 satellite.

CLS is the official distributor for RADARSAT-2 data in Europe.

The VIGISAT site is also an image analysis centre staffed with experts trained to routine and emergency analysis activities. They may deliver user-friendly detection reports in the 30 minutes after the image acquisition. 

CLS presently operates 3 receiving stations (VIGISAT in Brest owned by CLS, SEAS-OI in La Reunion owned by the Region and a station in the Kerguelen islands). With the INDESO project, a new antenna has been delivered in 2014 in Bali, Indonesia, for the Indonesian Ministry of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs. This antenna delivers scenes in near real-time from all over Indonesian waters.


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CLS, The first French collaborative SENTINEL-1 receiving station

VIGISAT becomes the first French collaborative station and will continue to provide data and products with near real-time positioning services and sea states measurements for maritime surveillance applications. From the beginning, CLS has been involved in the Sentinel -1A mission

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